White Bear Press Article

White Bear Press Article

Forest Lake Times Article

Forest Lake Times Article

Jake makes The cover of Improper Adult magazine

www.minnesotacountry.com Article

MinnesotaCountry.com Write up.

MinnesotaCountry.com Write up.

White Bear Press Newspaper Article: 
Up-and-coming musician "Grew Up Home"

White Bear Press Newspaper Article: Up-and-coming musician "Grew Up Home"

White Bear Press - "Up-and-coming musician Grew Up Home"

Sound Stage Media Review - 10-1-16

Thompson Square w/ Jake Nelson 10-1-16  
Sound Stage Media Show Review

Thompson Square w/ Jake Nelson 10-1-16
Sound Stage Media Show Review

Outside Nashville Series: Jake Nelson

Outside Nashville Series: Jake Nelson

Nashville's "Finding Country"

Whiskey Riff Review

Write up from Whiskey Riff

Write up from Whiskey Riff

JN Endorsed as Alclair Artist by Alclair Audio

Alclair Audio Endorsed Artist : Jake Nelson

Alclair Audio Endorsed Artist : Jake Nelson

The Cabooze Hosts A Night Of Great Music With Maiden Dixie, The Plott Hounds, and Jake Nelson 6/5/2015

Photo Credit: David R Twin Cities Media

The Cabooze Hosts A Night Of Great Music With Maiden Dixie, The Plott Hounds, and Jake Nelson 6/5/2015

Photo Credit: David R Twin Cities Media

Twin Cities Media Review

Minnesota Country Profile

Write up from MinnesotaCountry.com

Write up from MinnesotaCountry.com

What Fans are saying:

"This guy has some real talent and you can feel his passion for music in every song!"
- Brenda O

"Great musician! I highly recommend people to go see him at one of his shows! Definitely a talented writer as well! Keep up the good work!" - Curt H

 "My daughter and I saw you for the 1st time at the Pourhouse a few weeks ago. We were blown away....You are an incredible singer!! Thank you for an amazing performance and also for taking the time to talk with us! Can't wait to see you perform again soon!"
- Jenna G

"Love the feel and the vibe of the music. Jake is entertaining and engaging. Whether it's an intimate acoustic performance or a full band extravaganza Jake Nelson always brings the music, the party and the good times with him. Always enjoy the live shows." - Kyle C

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jake since we were kids. Since then, he was in love with music and has never stopped. His playing and singing are fantastic, and his music is a MUST have on any country playlist!"
- Matt M

"I have been listening and watching Jake Nelson for a few years now and love to see how he continues to push himself to continually succeed. I have downloaded all of his music and listen to it all the time. Keep strumming Jake!!" - Malisa R

""He is so talented love his music and would love to see him again some time" - Jill H

"Love Jake's voice!! He can sing just about any genre!! I've seen I'm live numerous times and love all of it! Got a few of my friends loving him too!!!" - Kayla S

"Saw Jake live last night at Green Mill in Shoreview.
This guy is the real deal! Made me want to go home and dust off the Tony Lama's.  His original music and his covers of other's hit songs were off the chart! And Shelby Taylor Ryan was an added bonus! Home town music stars!" - Dave R

""Jake is a great guy and a great singer. I went to see him with some friends of mine on Thursday night at Green Mill restaurant in shoreview. The best" - Lisa Larson
"I'm not a big country guy that being said Jake is good at it!! Keep those words coming from the heart bro!!!" - Jason K

"I just love this, my hometown, we did grow up good!! We were lucky kids! Lots of wonderful memories ♡♡♡" - Cary L

"Love he passion that comes out in every single word! � keep up the great work!"
- Madisyn R

"Amazing. Would drive anywhere just to hear him live!" - Ashley K

"Sweet music that I would listen to on a regular basis" - Willie B

"Outstanding my dude. Raw talent at it's finest" - Cory M

"Jake is always amazing! I can't wait to hear again!" - Liza P

"Jake is so incredibly talented and I am honored to be a fan and friend" - Raelynne G

""One listen of Jake covering Tennessee Whiskey and I was hooked! When I saw him live for the first time, his original songs pulled me in! Remarkable talent (and a humble heart of gold)!" - Renee C

"My feedback is showing up for your shows and sharing your music with others.. . I have your full swing CD in my Jeep and play it over and over.. You are a true talent and can't wait to see u make it big time.. You rock Jake and you are a genuine person?
- Mel T

"Great to hear some great local talent here from Mn. And such a good songwriter with lyrics that everyone can relate too. Seems like a stand up guy and very humble too. Really seems to appreciate his audiences and fans"- Beth S

"Very passionate truthful meaningful artist and song writer who is true to himself and his fans as well as his hometown roots. It is really hard to come across real music these days that not only tell a story but paint an amazing picture while listening to his music. I highly recommend any of his music to everyone!!!! I will say that it's even better live and he puts on a hell of a show!!!"- Mike K

"Very inspirational, when Jake debuted a new song at a live performance, it took me back to a time when I was young having a lot of fun in my life."- Roland Jn

"Phenomenal, you should try out for The Voice and work with Blake!" - Sarah T

""Great music all around i could listen to it all day, Jake Nelson has some real talent. I hope to hear more very soon" - Cortney W

"Great music to just kick back and relax with and the party jams are up beat and keep it lively"- Cory K

"I have listened to this music. Jake Nelson is a great musician. I would buy his music anytime"  Jason S

"jakes a hard working up coming guy that takes pride in his music and will go a long way his songs get better every day 5 stars is not enough for the hard work he puts in to it!" - Lenny A

"Front to back this album is amazing. From the emotional "You're Not Alone", the classic country sound of "Whiskey Burns", the catchy "Bumble Bee" and "Sip Sip", the timely "Bad News" this album left me wanting more. Love the home town feel of "Grew Up Home" And the good time feel and vibe of "Double Life" and "Luck". My personal opinion is buy this album, it won't disappoint. Can't wait to hear what comes from Jake next." - Kyle C

“Borrow a Gibson Hummingbird. Book a quality studio for an hour. video it then repost, I guarantee your door is gonna bang. You have an inbuilt metronome, good tone and a natural control. Things you cant teach that only come with feel....I am now retired or i would be calling. good luck." 
- Music Producer S. Basey

“My goodness. I never comment on videos, but I have literally sat for the last hour watching all of yours. You sir, are an amazing and talented man.” - Casey P

“I think Jake is secretly the lead singer for The Eli Young Band Everyone. Sounds so similar” - Mark M

“Oh my god <3 lol. Can you serenade me lol. this was amazing ur voice is phenomenal. You did a fantastic job. I'm in love and I don't Even know you haha”- April G

“This is perfect, love. :)" - Briana G

“Beautiful tone to your voice, love your cover, I just covered this same song and saw yours pop up so I clicked and I'm glad I did :) fantastic job!” - Amanda U


“i just love all your songs cover. I like your original song too (On My Way). I hope you keep making a good music and do a lot more of song cover. Oh and of course i will tell my friends here about your channel and music..i'm sure they will like it. ♥Love from Indonesia♥” 

- Benedicta Gisela