Damien Jungroth

Jungroth is talented across the board. He dabbles in a little bit of everything. Record Producer, Film Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Studio Engineer, Live Sound Tech, oh and what do you know he plays the drums! The guy is the whole package and can do just about anything.  Damien is The Whole Truth.

Damien is a family man. With four wonderful kids, a super-wife, and a few fluffy dogs, so it's safe to say there is never a dull moment at the Jungroth household. His passion and philosophy for music is very similar to Nelson's. "If it sounds good it probably is good".  

Born and raised in Princeton Minnesota he to this day calls it home. He loves music so much in fact he built his own state of the art recording studio which he has recently named "Downright Studios" which is not too far from where he hangs his hat.  "If you want it done right, get it done at downright".

Fun Fact: Downright Studios is where Damien and Jake recorded Jake's 10 track debut album.


Damien and I have become great friends over the past year connecting with music, recording, and writing. His family welcomed me with open arms during the recording process and I can't thank them enough they are like family. I look forward to the future working with Damien. - Jake

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