Jamie grew up in a music-oriented family and has raised his 4 kids with his lovely (and very understanding!) wife the same way; Music over TV and instruments over iPhones. He’s been playing bass for over 30 years after having been bitten by the bass playing bug in 6th grade when his older brother taught him how to play “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon. He’s never listened to music the same way since; preferring to zero in on what’s happening underneath the melody in support of the song. He’s played in a variety of bands since, playing music across many genres including country, jazz, rock, and musical theater. 

I can't begin to explain how great of a fit Jamie is to our band, He has one of the best attitudes I've experienced in the music community. Talented, driven, and ready for the next song. The whole band plays with confidence with Jamie at the helm. No pressure, no bull, just a solid vital member we are honored to have on board. Looking forward to a huge future with this cat. - Jake Nelson

Gear: Jamie primarily plays Lakland basses and uses Genzler Amplification. Jam Bone also proudly endorseed by Alclair In Ear Monitors.