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Physical Copy of Jake Nelson's 10- Track Debut Album.

1.Whispering Pines 00:36
2.Double Life 02:54 3.Whiskey Burns 02:48
4.Grew Up Home 03:22
5.You're Not Alone 04:04
6.Bumblebee 03:13
7.Sip Sip 03:17 8.Bad News 03:18
9.Luck 04:12
10.Whispering Pines, Pt.2 01:41

Recorded and Produced by Damien Jungroth & Jake Nelson - Princeton MN Mastered by Adam Tucker at SignatureTone Studios Minneapolis MN

Co-Writers Andy Samson & Shelby Taylor Ryan - Luck Matt Erickson - Sip Sip Damien & Tess Jungroth - You're Not Alone

Session Musicians Adam Tucker- Bass Guitar Andrew Distel- Lead Guitar Ben Goeb- Guitar & Fiddle Christopher Hartman - Bass Guitar Curt Trisko - Pedal Steel Damien Jungroth- Drums/Percussion/Keys John Sautter - Drums Tyler Sautter- Guitar

Photography by Roland Nisben Album Design by Briana Layne

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