Chris photo

Chris is a pro. He doesn't just learn the song, he gives it life. Especially when building on original material. He carefully creates his bass lines while maintaining respect for the songwriting, melody, and other important aspects of the tune. He is critical, honest, and talented. He consistently proves himself as the solid pillar of the machine. Chris is The Solid Truth

A Carver Minnesota native with an extensive background in the music community. Hartman studied at McNally Smith College of music and has played subbed or worked with many local acts in his years of gigging. Chris is a single guy so lookout ladies! (Kidding) But honestly it's been an absolute honor working with Chris this far. He brings a very professional dynamic to the band that I respect. We are lucky to have him.
- Jake

Gear: Chris slaps a custom made five string bass. One of which I have no idea who makes it besides the fact that it was built in Texas and sounds well "As Big As Texas" 

Interesting fact about C.H: Chris lives a bit of a "double life" like Nelson working in the construction industry by day. If he isn't carrying a bass hes most likely got a shovel in his hand.